Amigos Community Program Volunteer Recognition Event

April 26th, 2017

On Friday April 21st, Heads Up for Inclusion hosted a Volunteer Recognition Event for the Amigos Community Program volunteers. Volunteers were treated to a catered lunch as well as motivational speeches from our local MPP Jeff Leal, and HUI founder Lucinda Hage. Connectors and Board volunteers were honoured with certificates handed out by our MPP Jeff Leal, and Program Coordinator Wanda Prince. Our generous sponsor, The Ontario Trillium Fund, was represented, and Heads Up for Inclusion received a commemorative plaque. Amigo pair Julia and Lydia won an award for “Best Amigo Match of the Year”.

The volunteers had a great time, and we at Heads Up for Inclusion had a great time honouring them. Our programs would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers!