Three school-aged individuals play with a large omnikin ball
A woman and a younger man are standing together outside in Autumn. They are both wearing helmets and have their heads resting on eachothers and smiling at the camera.
Multi-coloured socks of a class of students sitting in a circle.
Two men sitting together with arms wrapped around each other.
A group of school-aged children making crafts in the cafeteria.

Amigos in the Schools!

Amigos is an inclusion program focusing on youth with intellectual disabilities, but open to all youth who experience barriers to inclusion.

The Amigos program uses peer support and mentorship through matching:
Amigos – students who face barriers to inclusion. 
Amigo Connectors – students who are well connected and supportive of others.

The Amigos program is flexible and can be delivered in a manner to meet the needs that exist within the culture of your school.

Guiding Principles

The 4 key guiding principles to keep in mind are:

  • Focus on equality and age appropriateness
  • Differences are celebrated
  • All students participate fully
  • Student leaders have strong support from educators

Who Benefits?

  • Young school-aged individuals with barriers to inclusion benefit from the intentional relationships of peers in their school community.

  • Young school-aged individuals who would like to volunteer to take on a leadership role by connecting with peers learn that their efforts do make a difference in creating inclusive places!

It’s fun and accessible!

Through a wooden rectangle there is a young individual connected to a harness. The individual is smiling happily

Program Forms

All School Program related documents for schools operating amigos can login to the portal here!

School aged individuals gathered around a picnic table for lunch

Workshops & Events

Coming soon!
Three young girls seated together on a couch, one young girl seated on the floor in front pose for a group photo

Community Connection

 FREE facebook community for parents, program participants and supporters of the Amigos Program.

Have a program at your school today!

Heads Up for Inclusion School program is currently expanding. If you are interested in having a program at your school please contact a School Program Coordinator!