Our Staff

Meet the faces of the Heads Up for Inclusion Team.

Tiffany Christie; Executive Director

Tiffany has a background in Developmental Services, Disabilities studies & Alternative Communication. Tiffany has worked enthusiastically for the past 6 years supporting individuals to live their best life! Tiffany joined Heads Up for Inclusion as a board member initially but quickly fell in love with the work and the mission. Tiffany is a passionate advocate for people of all abilities to have access and inclusion in their community.
Tiffany Christie
Executive Director

3rd Year Social Work

Hi there! My name is Quinlan and I am a 3rd year Social Work student completing my placement at Heads Up for Inclusion! Some fun facts about me are that I am a huge nerd, I love video games, cross words and board games! I am excited to complete my placement with HUI because of my past experience working in schools and seeing the impact of not being included or accepted by peers. I value different experiences and viewpoints, and believe that everyone deserves to be respected, appreciated and loved

Lyle Saunders, Operations and Programs Manager

Lyle was introduced to HUI through the Amigos Program. Lyle is a proud father of 3, which his oldest son is Autistic. Seeing the community impact HUI provides, Lyle volunteered and became a Board Member for 3 years, until the fall of 2023. He was hired by the organization as Director of Operations and Programming in December 2023.
Lyle Saunders
Operations and Programs Manager

3rd Year Social Work

I am very excited to be a part of the Heads Up Inclusion Team and learn more about their mission. My goal while working at HUI is to promote inclusion throughout my daily life, and learn more about what Inclusion is.

Devin Hodges; Marketing & Communications Coordinator; Programs Coordinator

With a background in recreation and leisure services, Devin has been working with children and youth for over a decade. He has been involved with Heads Up for Inclusion since 2016, starting as a volunteer. Devin loves all outdoor activities, and has a passion for helping others.
Devin Hodges
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

4th Year Business Administration

I am a 4th-year business administration student who is specializing in marketing. Some of my hobbies include playing video games, playing and watching sports, and taking care of my exotic pets. I joined HUI because when I first moved to Peterborough to attend Trent University, I saw just how welcoming and inclusive the community was, I want to ensure that everybody can also be included in the wonderful community that is Peterborough.

Board of Directors

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