Sponsorship Opportunities

Creating a Future Where Everyone Belongs

Since it’s inception in 2002, over 800 high schools students with diverse abilities have come together to dismantle the walls that separate students from one another. Amigos are modeling the acceptance of students with visible differences and creating an atmosphere in their schools where everyone belongs.

All of our sponsorships provide your organization with the opportunity to:

  • Help grow the future leaders of our community by investing in high school students that demonstrate the values of equality and social justice.
  • Play a significant and pivotal role in sustaining the future success of the Amigos project.
  • Receive brand-building recognition and acknowledgement from within the high school system and the greater community.

Sponsorships are available for various levels of financial support, in-kind services, donations, in memoriam, and more. Below is a listing of sponsorship options.

We would be pleased to visit your group to make a short presentation on the project and/or provide an informational DVD for your review.


Invest in the friendship, new skills and learning of high school students who will be paired with an Amigo. Your investment contributes to the development and support of the students throughout the school year and ensures a positive Amigos experience.

A perfect gift idea for: parents, grandparents, family charitable donations, school groups, class projects, in memoriam gifts or special occasions.

Investment: $250 per Amigo or $500 per Amigo pair


Play a supporting role in the Amigos project throughout the Greater Peterborough Area. Your donation will ensure that students continue to build meaningful relationships, make connections with those they normally wouldn’t meet, and build communication and leadership skills to last a lifetime.

Investment: $2500 annually


A unique opportunity to sponsor 60 students in the high school of your choice. An investment in new relationships, special memories and a new attitude about the inclusion of others. Your investment contributes to the cost of running the Amigos project in the selected school throughout the school year. A worthy project for school foundations or Alumni groups.

Investment: $5000 annually


Sponsorship of special events and celebrations throughout the school year including Leader’s Lunch and Year-end BBQ. Additional events may include September kick-off party, Christmas party, Spring event. Sponsorship will cover at least three events per school year (September – June). Sponsor investment may be used for other Amigos expenses as needed over and above events. Sponsors may choose to additionally provide in-kind donations of food, drinks, or supplies to Amigos special events.

Investment: $5000 annually


This lead sponsorship plays a critical role in the sustainability of the Amigos project. Your company, organization or charitable foundation will make a difference in the lives of students and the influence they have on those around them. Your investment benefits students, teachers and our community at large.

Investment: $10,000 annually


The Amigos project incurs a variety of hard costs – from printing to web hosting to media services. We welcome businesses who are able to donate a portion of the cost of their services. If you are interested in becoming an In-Kind Sponsor, please let us know. We’d be happy to have you quote on our upcoming projects.