An active game that gets people familiar with eachother, moving around and having fun

Minimum number of people:


Time needed:

15 – 20 minutes

Materials Required:


Activity Description:

  1. Choose 1 person in the group to be the “winker”
  2. have everyone get into pairs and stand in a circle
  3. tell each pair that one person must sit down and the other must stand behind their partner
  4. the “winker” standing in the center of the circle is to wink at one person who is sitting on the ground
  5. the person sitting on the ground will get up and try to get to the center of the circle before thier partner “catches” them
  6. the person standing must try to keep their partner from running to the “winker” by touching them on the shoulders
  7. if the person sitting is successful in getting away, their old partner is now the “winker”
  8. If they are not successful, the “winker” must try again on another person