The Woop Woop Game

A fun activity to lighten the mood and get people laughing

Minimum # of people:


Time required:

5 – 10 minutes

Materials required:

No materials necessary

Activity description:

  1. Participants form a circle
  2. Participants hold up hands making “goggles” .
  3. One participant starts the game by making one or two “woop(s)” or other noise of choice and points one side of their goggles to the left or right. 1 “woop” indicates the person 1 spot to the left or the right is the next “wooper”. 2 “woops” indicate that the person 2 spots to the left or right is the next “wooper”. The direction (either left or right) whether a participant to the left or right will be the next “wooper”.
  4. The game continues until a participant does not “woop” on their own turn.
  5. Restart the game with the person who ended the previous round as the first “wooper”.