Scavenger Hunt

An fun activity to get students out into their school community having fun

Minimum # of people:


Time required:

20 – 30 minutes

Materials required:

  • Copies of the scavenger hunt list
  • Pencils

Activity description:

  1. Students are broken up into teams or pairs
  2. Each group/pair is given a copy of the scavenger hunt list along with a pencil
  3. the groups/pairs are sent out into the school or community for 20-30 minutes. *this will depend on the length of your scavenger hunt list
  4. as groups or pairs come back, check that they’ve answered all of the questions on the sheet

Example Questions for a Scavenger Hunt:

  • Find a piece of garbage –
  • Find something red – what is it? _________________________________. Find out what each other’s favourite colour is?
  • Find a blue car – write down the licence plate number ________________
  • Find a person that you know – who is not an Amigo – What is your friend’s name? _________________ Introduce them to your Amigo.
  • Find out about one club, music or sporting team and when and where they meet. Write it down ___________________________________. Is there a club or activity that you would like to join?
  • Find a piece of art somewhere in the school? Do you like it or not? Do you like to be creative and make things/draw? Go to the Library and find a novel. What is your and your partners favourite book? ­­­­
  • Find a friend that your partner doesn’t know. Introduce them to him/her. What is his/her name?
  • Find the Cafeteria special – what is it? ______________________________ Find out each other’s favourite food? __________________________
  • Find the computer lab. Do you like computer games? What is your favourite computer game?