Puzzle Pieces

Minimum # of people:

A minimum of 8 people

Time required:

10-20+ minutes (flexible)

Materials required:

A few colourful pictures or photos cut into 3-6 pieces, depending on number of students playing – need one piece per student (works well to glue picture onto cardboard, but not necessary).


To practice introducing ourselves and learn the names of new people while trying to join the pieces together to complete the puzzles.

Activity description:

  1. Give each student a puzzle piece
  2. Have each student approach other students in the room and
    • Introduce themselves* by making eye contact, smiling and saying “Hello, my name is ____, what is your name?”
    • Ask to see if their puzzle piece connects with the person’s they are talking to, if it does stay with that person and together look for others in order to complete your puzzle, if not say “thank-you” and move on to another person.
    • 5 things that they have in common
    • 1 interest for each person in the group
    • Re-introduce themselves; see if each person can learn the names of their group
    • Etc.
  3. Continue talking to people and looking for connecting puzzle pieces until your puzzle is complete.
  4. When puzzle is complete you can challenge each group to come up with:

*this is a great activity to reinforce how to introduce yourself to others. You can remind students that this is not an easy and/or natural ability for everyone.