Marshmallow Towers

Minimum # of people:

A minimum of 2 people

Time required:

30+ minutes (allow 5-10 minutes for clean-up)

Materials required:

  • Large marshmallows – Remind people not to eat the marshmallows once you have begun playing with them (1 bag will be enough for 2 groups of tower builders)
  • Spaghetti – uncooked (1 bag is enough for 4+ groups of tower builders)
  • You can use tape and straws, jube jubes and toothpicks or rolls of newspaper instead (or other similar items).


Build the tallest free standing tower with only marshmallows and spaghetti, in the time frame given.

Activity instructions:

  1. Give each group an equal amount of marshmallows and a pile of spaghetti sticks.
  2. Challenge the groups to work together as a team to build their tower.
  3. You can have it be competitive to see whose tower is tallest, the towers usually end up being judged on artistic merit as well.