Making Rain

Making rain is a creative game of sound without words for a large group. It is also useful to refocus a group or to end a session.

Minimum # of people:


Time required:


Materials required:

No materials necessary

Activity description:

  1. Participants sit in a line facing a leader (may form more than one line (i.e. 2 lines of 10 if there are 20 participants).
  2. The leader starts the motion at one end of the line and participants only make the motion when the leader is in front of them
  3. The leader moves from one end of the line to the other and back with each motion
  4. The motions are
    1. Rubbing palms together (rising wind)
    2. Snapping fingers (first drops of rain)
    3. Pat hands on thighs (harder rain)
    4. Pat hands on thighs and stomp feet on floor simultaneously (adding thunder to rain)
    5. Pat hand on thighs (thunder moves on)
    6. Snap fingers (rain is stopping)
    7. Rub palms tighter (wind moving on)
    8. Put hands at your side (storm moves on)