Jenga Trivia

Fun way to see how much participants know about their group members

Minimum # of people:


Time required:

15 – 20 minutes

Materials required:

  • Jenga game with each tile numbered (you can find knock-offs of Jenga at the dollar store)
  • List of numbered questions (one for each Jenga piece)

Activity description:

  1. Pre-make questions based on information gathered about the members of the group. Harder questions might look for specific answers, easier questions could be true or false. You can also ask a question and ask the group to find the member that fit the description.
  2. Split the group into two teams.
  3. A player from one of the teams will start the game by removing a Jenga piece and giving it to the leader. The leader will read the question to the team that removed the piece.
  4. If the team answers the question correctly they place the Jenga piece on top and return to their seat.
  5. If they answer the question incorrectly they must remove another piece and answer another question.
  6. The opposing team will choose a participant to remove a piece and answer a question if the first team answers their first question correctly, or after their second turn (regardless of whether they answered correctly or not).
  7. The game continues until the tower is knocked over.