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Minimum # of people:

A minimum of 8 people

Time required:

10-20+ minutes (flexible-can play multiple rounds, full card, just one line)

Materials required:

  • Human BINGO cards – can be created online at Very easy to create, and works well if you take the interests listed on the Amigos’ applications and then input into the form to create your own Bingo cards. (A good job for a student leader).
  • pencils

Activity description:

  1. give each student a Human bingo card
  2. Have each student approach other students in the room and
    • Introduce themselves by making eye contact, smiling and saying “Hello, my name is ____, what is your name?”
    • Ask if the person they are talking to fits the description found on one of the squares of their BINGO card. Ex. “Do you like dogs?” If they do, get
      that person to sign their name in the square, if not say “thank-you” and move on to another person.
  3. Continue talking to people and asking them if they fit the descriptions on their card.
  4. When someone completes a line or the full card they shout ‘bingo’ and are declared the winner.
    • Can be used as a small group team builder by having Amigo pairs working together as a team, against other Amigo pairs.
    • For students that have difficulty communicating have someone create a list of their interests that an Amigo connector could refer to and pair them up.